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Postponement of ILDC 2020

Postponement of ILDC 2020

Considering the global situation on COVID-19-related issues, AHI decided to postpone ILDC 2020 under the theme of “Youth Empowerment for Making Change” until next year.

Since the spread of COVID-19 started, AHI has carefully observed the situation and seeked for the possibilities to hold the training course, believing that the empowerment of community leaders will become more critical than ever and that our training course could contribute in such effort.
However, after analyzing various risk factors of the COVID-19 in the process of preparation and implementation of the training course, we made a painful conclusion that we are not able to effectively provide mutual learning environment among the participants and Japanese resources, which is the core essence of our participatory training.
While making our decision of the postponement of the training, we finished screening from the candidates. The successful candidates will be invited to the next year’s course.
Now, we are preceding a preparatory learning process for ILDC 2021 in which a series of online meetings and interactions are to be held among those candidates who are youth leaders and NGO workers involved in youth empowerment, their organizations’ representatives and AHI.
With their commitment to this long process, ILDC 2021 hopefully will contribute to every participants in exploring strategies for responding to ongoing and also newly emerging health and development issues.