AHI is going to organize the International Workshop jointly with National Health Commission Office (NHCO), Thailand. It will offer continuous learning and networking opportunities among AHI alumni of the international course and their development partners who share common issues and concerns.

Dates: March 25, 2019 – March 29, 2019

Venue: Banyupensuk Resort, Muang District, Chachoengsao Province                 

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1) To learn experiences of NHCO and its network about the multisectoral collaboration for health in all policies.
2) To learn new ideas and insights through sharing experiences on multisectoral collaborations from various areas/countries
3) To build solidarity and network among participants towards developing health in all polices                                                                                    Local hospital in Chachoengsao

This workshop will be conducted using Participatory Training Methodology (PTM). Sharing is learning and learning is sharing.  Though the group will learn intensively from the case of Thailand, each country team is expected to present their concrete cases as well.  AHI alumni, who are mostly NGO workers, would facilitate their partners' learning by taking the role of translator, coordinator, and co-learner, before, during and after the workshop.  AHI Alumni are responsible to provide orientation on AHI and basic information about Thailand to their partners before the workshop as part of the preparation. Each session will be facilitated with ample freedom to maximize experience sharing.  Each participant is responsible for her/his own learning with active participation in sharing and discussion.

Prospective participants:
Basically TEAM participation: one AHI ALUMNUS (mostly NGO worker) with one or two development partners (health volunteer leader/people’s organization leader and/or local government officer who have been closely working in a certain geographical area toward sustainable health system development) as a team from several Asian countries. Several seats are available for Thai alumni. The total number of participants aside from those from NHCO and its partner team would be about 12.   

Criteria for Participants (AHI alumni and their partners exclusively):
1) The sending NGOs, People’s Organizations (POs), and Local Government Units (LGUs) should be responsible for the selection of applicants.  The selection process should be in a democratic manner with consensus.  Participation should promote and strengthen the respective organizations as well as the applicants as individuals. 
2) All the applicants (NGO, PO, LGU) should have at least 3 years of experience working together in community-based health activities with component of developing health volunteers in indigenous peoples’ communities,and can jointly prepare and present a concrete case study to share.
3) All the applicants should have strong commitment and leadership, and support from their sending organizations to put their learning into practice back home.
4) All the applicants should be committed to continue working in the area for a minimum of 2 years after participation in the workshop.
5) AHI alumni applicants should be fluent in English, which is the common language in the workshop, and be willing to take translation and facilitation role for their partners.
6) All the applicants should be in good health for traveling and living in a rural area.


Financial requirements: 
Please see the workshop outline

Application Procedure:


Workshop Outline  (PDF)
Application Form  (Word)


Please submit the following documents for each applicant to both AHI and NHCO by e-mail:

1. Filled application form
2. Statement by the sending organization with information.
  (For Health Volunteers Group, PO/CBO and LGU applicants who are applying as partners of AHI Alumni’s organizations, ENDORSEMENT sheet should be filled out by the alumni’s organization representatives and should be attached to their application forms.)
3. Face photos.  

In case you send them by e-mail, please send twice to make sure. We  will send you our acknowledgement e-mail within five working  days. If you have not received it, please contact us for confirmation. Some pages with authorized signature should be sent by fax or e-mail as attached PDF or JPG files.

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Contact Persons:

< AHI >                                 
Ms. Kyoko SHIMIZU, Program coordinator and Facilitator, Training Unit                                
Asian Health Institute (AHI)                           
E-mail:  info@ahi-japan.jp


< NHCO >
Ms. Khanitta Sae-iew, Technical Officer, Global partnership Unit
National Health Commission Office (NHCO)
Email: khanitta@nationalhealth.or.th